VMWare Within Parallels

I can officially say that VMWare Workstation 6 runs perfectly within Parallels Desktop on a Mac OS host and a Win XP guest. And even better news.. VMWare’s physical machine import tool also functions properly in this scenario. A couple years ago, I couldn’t even fathom the idea of running a virtual machine within a virtual machine and importing a physical machine to another virtual machine. It is awesome! This is all occurring on Megan’s Apple Macbook with 1GB of ram.

I truly went nuts with virtual machines a few years ago when I consolidated an entire rack full of boxen into 1 highend box running all of my servers and lab machines. Since then, I have saved a ton on power bills and a whole lot of stress and time of managing multiple physical machines. Today I use 1 laptop and 1 workstation for the majority of my computing needs. The ‘infrastructure’ of my network does rely on a few physical x86 machines which function as firewalls, IDS sensors, etc.. But all of my servers are VM’s which are so easily backup-able and portable. In the near future, I hope to explore some other VM solutions such as Xen. Until then, I bow to VMWare and Parallels!