Microsoft Exchange = Syncing Bliss

UPDATE: I wrote this post back in 2008… I no way have this same opinion today 🙂

Remember the days of connecting a PDA to your workstation using USB or bluetooth and running ActiveSync or Palm Desktop? Horrible! I have been searching for the ultimate solution of sync’ing my email, contacts, task list, and calendar for as long as I can remember. Most recently the explorations took me to Funambol, an opensource server powered by SyncML. The client plugin support was sketchy and the synchronization was severely unstable when using large amounts of data (ie. 10 years of calendar appointments).

My bare minimum requirements for the ‘perfect’ PIM synchronization solution:

– desktop client on multiple workstations in sync

– web based access to all sync’d data

– smartphone syncing via cell data connection (EVDO)

– ‘push’ email to the smartphone