12 Android Apps I Can’t Live Without

1. PdaNet

Tether your phone’s data connection to your computer. Now I always have an emergency internet connection.

2. StatusNotes

Create custom notifications in your status bar. I love being able to set a quick reminder on the fly. For short-term tasks and reminders that would otherwise get lost in RTM, I turn to Status Notes as an extension of my human memory.

3. Pandora Radio

I am addicted to Pandora and couldn’t write code without it.

4. Image Transfer

Wirelessly transfer your photos to your computer’s shared folder with 1 magical button. This saves me so much hassle of dealing with USB cables. Oh and I developed this app 🙂

5. Google Voice

Use your Google Voice # for outbound calls and SMS. I don’t even know my Verizon assigned phone number!

6. ConnectBot

SSH. Perfect for emergencies, just be careful when your root 😉

7. SplashID

Store all your passwords and important info in SplashID. It syncs wirelessly to your computer. This app has saved me countless times.

8. IP Cam Viewer

Keep an eye on your IP cams. Works great with my Panasonic cams and even supports pan/tilt/zoom controls.

9. Remember The Milk

I would not be able to function without lists. With a RTM pro account, you can sync your tasks to rememberthemilk.com.

10. Listen

Podcasts! Turns your commute into productivity. I spend much less time reading my news feeds and now listen to the podcast versions.

11. Twidroid

A very slick Twitter client that is not bloated and gets the job done well.

12. Evernote

I use Evernote for my personal knowledge base. Having this data with me on my phone definitely comes in handy.