My Personal Knowledge Base (Evernote & Github)

Keeping track of code snippets, network diagrams, IP allocations, complex syntax and everything else that a typical coder/sysadmin deals with requires a solid knowledge base.

I am using Github for code snippets and Evernote for everything else.

Gists at Github are excellent for storing code snippets. They can even be made public so others could use them also. I was using Snipplr up until now, and it worked out great especially with the TextMate integration. Since I moved my code repositories to Github, I wanted to everything in 1 central place.


Evernote allows you to make separate notebooks and tags which makes organizing your knowledge base pretty simple. The best part though, is the syncing. I am using the Mac and Android apps which sync to, so I always have access to my stuff. Adding any type of files within a note is super handy. For instance, I put my network diagram OmniGraffle file in a note and now when I edit the file in OmniGraffle, it automatically saves in the Evernote! Evernote seems to offer a ton of features such as OCR and sharing, but I haven’t explored them much yet.


I am very excited about how both of these services will be increasing my efficiency as I move more of my data into Evernote and Github. Should save tons of time by having access to this info anywhere I go and eliminating having to search a variety of sources.