Opinionated Tech Podcast

I decided to spend 60 minutes per week talking into a microphone…


Over the past 6 weeks I have produced 5 episodes, well 6 if you count the 1 that did not record! There is still much more that I want to learn, but so far I know that the key ingredient (besides awesome hosts) is the microphone. We are using a Blue Yeti mic with no accessories and I couldn’t be happier. GarageBand is actually a very simple and super useful tool for podcasting and delivering audio to your audience.

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Google Voice and Skype for iPhone

Even though the official Google Voice app is not available for iOS, we still get to experience the fun!

Why I use Google Voice?

  1. The convenience of a static # that travels with me as I jump carriers.
  2. Voice message transcribing.
  3. Emailed voice message transcriptions. Besides never having to listen to the audio, I also get to archive the message forever.
  4. The ability to forward your number to all your other phones.
  5. SMS messages delivered to email. Also a nice archive of these.

3rd party iPhone apps that make all this possible:
Find By #

How I use Google Voice effectively with the iPhone (iOS 4.0)…

Calling out: Skype
Calling in: Google Voice forwards to my actual device’s phone number
SMS out (initial): Gtxt app
SMS in/out: email


When the SMS messages are delivered to my mailbox, they only show the sender’s phone number. To see who the person is, I use an app called “Find By #” that searches for a contact by a part of their phone number.

I am super satisfied with this whole setup, and can care less about an official Google Voice app. However my dream is to ditch Google Voice and handle everything within Skype.

Skype has some things to ‘fix’ before it would make sense for me to ditch Google Voice.

  1. An affordable unlimited SMS plan.
  2. Receive and send SMS messages via email.
  3. Voice message delivery to email box. Audio + text would be perfecto.