Apple iOS Rocks

iOS WTF List

1. Wireless iTunes sync. C’mon… I understand that a managed service (aka cloud) for continuous sync is going to take some time to design, develop and roll-out. So that is ok for now. But I am shocked and disappointed that we are still forced to use a USB cable for iTunes syncing when all of these devices have WiFi. Apps such as 1Password and Things both have local wireless sync.

2. Horizontal input in every view, everywhere. Why don’t we have this!? I do not enjoy typing credentials for my logons in a vertical virtual keyboard.

3. Notifications system is too simple. I’d love to see all of my non-viewed notifications in a single list view. Maybe a slick touch gesture to bring up the list? The Android status bar works nice 🙂

I am using several mobile devices on a daily basis now…

  1. Apple iPhone 4
  2. Motorola Droid (for development only)
  3. Apple iPad

All are used with my MiFi device on Sprint’s network, so AT&T service doesn’t matter.
I love iOS and love Android. Altho, both have some issues to overcome.

If this post was about Android, the WTF list would be much longer.