The SpendWise App For Apple iOS Devices

If you listened to our last episode of the Opinionated Tech podcast, you already know that I have been developing a universal app for iOS devices with SuperJessi. While this app is super simple, it is something I personally have wanted since these are the same calculations I perform manually when considering a new purchase. And since this was the first project I did with SuperJessi, we wanted to keep it simple. Now that we have proven our ability to work together, we can move on to more complex projects.

The app has been submitted to Apple for review and I’ll post an App Store link as soon as it becomes available. It is a ‘universal’ app, meaning it can run on your iPods, iPhones and iPads!

While your waiting, check out the app’s website at




This app helps you make intelligent purchases.

Made for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad devices.

Instantly realize the true value of a potential purchase, in terms of both money and time.

Based on your input, this app will give you information that will be helpful in determining the worth of something you are interested in buying, by comparing the time investment and estimated usage of the item.


    • Cost per hour
    • Cost per use
    • Hours needed to work

How it will help you:

    • Smarter purchases
    • Less buyer’s remorse
    • Realize the true value of time