Before You Upgrade To Mac OS Lion

Mac OS Lion was officially released earlier this week and I have been holding off on the upgrade since I didn’t want to disturb any of the projects that I was working on. Well now the weekend is here and I am ready to give it a spin! FWIW, I have been running developer beta releases of Lion on a spare MacBookPro but now I want the final release on my production workstation.

Before you upgrade, it’s a MUST to check the RoaringApps App Compatibility List and compare all of your apps to see which ones will work and which ones will not. This list is built by the community and is the most critical tool in determining if your ready to upgrade.


Another MUST is to create a clone of your existing system, I use SuperDuper!. If your upgrade fails, SuperDuper makes it simple to roll back the system state quickly.


Ok, I am ready to go upgrade my box… And then will be upgrading my Mac OS Servers!