Alternative Tornado Logging

Tornado uses the standard logging library, by default, and sends logs to STDOUT. Sometimes you may want logs stored in a database or flat-file.

Logging to flat-files

This method is fairly simple. You could pass the ‘log_file_prefix’ parameter via the command-line, or more elegantly add the options in your code:

If you have multiple instances of the same app running, I would keep the logs separate by using the port number:

Storing logs in a MongoDB collection

MongoLog is a really cool open-source centralized logging module for Python and MongoDB. It’s available on Github at

Follow the installation docs in the README to get MongoLog all setup. After cloning and installing MongoLog, we need to modify our Tornado app.

First, import MongoLog:

Next we will override the ‘Application.log_request’ method to implement MongoLog.

After everything is up and running, you can view the raw logs in the database or use the web ui that ships with MongoLog: